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Trendqna.com is a blog where information related to digital marketing is shared. Who is the owner of this blog, and what kind of information is shared on this blog? To know about all these things, you can read our About Us page.

About Blog

Trendqna.com blog was started in 2021. The main purpose of this blog is to share information related to digital marketing. In this blog of yours, you will get to see all such trending ways from which you can earn money. On this blog, only new information and updates related to online earning are shared.

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The information written on our blog is not written by copying from anywhere, but this information is shared with you based on the experience of experienced people. You will always get to see new content on our blog, which will always be helpful for you.

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Hello friends, my name is Sunil Pareek. I am a resident of Rajasthan state of India. I am working in the online earning industry since 2018. I have experience of last 5 years in this field. I have worked on many blogs even before this blog but I started this blog to share my experience and share tips and tricks to earn money online.

EducationBachelor of Commerce
Experience in Blogging Field5 Year
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My E-mail IDSunilpareekblog@gmail.com
Blog Mail IDTrendqna@gmail.com