Prince Harry is Grateful to Meghan for Changing His Life.

In a live stream conversation with trauma expert Dr. Gabor Mate, Prince Harry opened up about how his life changed after meeting his wife Meghan Markle. The Duke of Sussex expressed gratitude for her influence on his life, stating, “My wife saved me. I was stuck in this world, and she was from a different world and helped draw me out of that.” According to multiple outlets, Harry praised Meghan as “an exceptional human being,” noting how she encouraged him to pursue therapy more seriously.

Prince Harry is Grateful to Meghan for Changing His Life.

Harry’s Virtual Chat with Dr. Maté

The conversation between Harry and Dr. Mateo was part of a virtual event for Harry’s best-selling memoir, “Spare.” In the book, the father of two reflects on growing up in the Royal Spotlight and his relationship with the monarchy. During the chat, Harry also talked about how he relates to his late mother Princess Diana’s tension with the Royals, stating, “Certainly throughout my life, throughout my younger years, I always felt slightly different to the rest of my family. I felt strange being in this container, and I know that my mom felt the same.”

Meghan’s Wisdom and Encouragement

Harry went on to express how “eternally grateful” he is for the wisdom and space that Meghan has provided him. He noted how she encouraged him to pursue therapy more seriously, which has helped him on his journey to healing from past traumas. Harry’s willingness to be vulnerable and seek help has been a major theme in his recent public appearances and interviews.

Spare Memoir Causes Drama in the Monarchy

Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” has caused controversy in the monarchy. In the book, Harry reportedly takes subtle digs at his family members, including the Queen, accusing her of taking a final swipe at her uncle Edward by exiling him and his wife, Wallace Simpson, in the burial grounds at Frogmore. The book also accuses Prince William of physical assault and makes references to King Charles making inappropriate jokes.

The Impact of Harry’s Memoir

The drama caused by Harry’s memoir has been a topic of discussion among royal watchers and commentators. Access Hollywood previously spoke with’s Charlie Langston, who shared her thoughts on the book. Langston noted how surprised she was by the aggressive tone of the memoir and how Harry seemed to go after almost every member of his family. She also expressed doubts about the accuracy of some of Harry’s claims, especially those regarding the Queen’s behavior.