The last of us series episode list in order (TV Series)

The Last of Us, an American post-apocalyptic, thriller, and drama tv series on HBO, follows Joel and Ellie’s journey across a collapsed society, caused by a mass fungal infection that turns people into zombie-like creatures.

Let’s learn more about “The Last of Us” TV series episode list and how to watch all the episodes of this series in order.

The last of us tv series episode list in order

“The last of US” season 1 episode list in order

NumberDateNameRun Time
1Jan 15, 2023When You’re Lost in the Darkness81 Minutes
2Jan 22, 2023Infected53 Minutes
3Jan 29, 2023Long, Long Time76 Minutes
4Feb 5, 2023Please Hold to My Hand46Minutes
5Feb 12, 2023Endure and Survive59Minutes
6Feb 19, 2023Kin59 Minutes
7Feb 26, 2023Left Behind56 Minutes
8Mar 5, 2023When We Are in Need51 Minutes
9Mar 12, 2023Look for the Light43 Minutes


1. How many episodes is the last of us on HBO?

“The last of US” HBO TV Series has 9 episodes in the first season.

2. How many seasons will The Last of Us have?

Recently HBO has confirmed that The Last of Us TV series will run for 2 seasons.