What is VFX Technology | How VFX is used in movies?

VFX (visual effects) technology was also used in large quantities in the highest-grossing Hollywood film Titanic and Avatar Movie in the world. The big sea shown in the Titanic movie was in reality a swimming bridge, which was made into a big sea using VFX technology in the film. Similarly, other world people who were created in Avatar Movie were also made using VFX technology.

When a film requires shooting a scene that needs a big budget to shoot in reality, then This type of scene is produced via VFX.

What is VFX Technology | How VFX is used in movies?

What is VFX and how is it used in cinema?

VFX is called visual effects. Nowadays VFX is used in all films, almost large scenes in films are shown through VFX. When someone needs to show a scene in a film such as a waterfall, mountain, cricketers, palace or any other scene for real if a big budget is required, then this type of scene was created through VFX Is prepared at very low cost.

And scenes created via vfx softwares seem very real, in that one cannot identify real or fake.

How does VFX work?

In a film, VFX is used when special effects have to be shown in a scene. To implement vissual effects, a video is first shot on a green screen, and later the desired scene is added to the background via VFX software. If we talk about the film Bahubali then the waterfall scene shown in it was shot on a green screen and later the waterfall scene was added in the background.

Why green background is used for VFX?

The clothes and objects of an actor or actress can be any color other than green. And thus if a scene is shot on a screen of a color other than green for a VFX shot, in such a situation the VFX software does not work properly on any color other than green.

Why green background is used for VFX?
Why green background is used for VFX?

And in such a situation, if the background color is removed with the help of vfx software, then it also affects the body part of the actor or actress, that means if any color other than green screen will be used, then during video editing the actor or actress The color of the clothes or hair is also likely to be affected.

A major reason is that most of the movies use green screen to act as VFX. The green color does not match the natural skin and hair color of the actor, and for this reason no editing can be done in the VFX software on any actor. The green screen effect is one such technique, which is green and removes the screen and combines two pictures or videos.

How many types of VFX are there?

  • Computer-generated imagery:– Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is that the most generally used technique for generating computer graphic images, which may be utilized in medium , films, art, video, television programs, and more.
  • Bullet Time:– may be a visual effects technique that detects the situation and time of the camera from the visible subject. this will be seen in broadcast advertisements, movies, graphics in video games etc.
  • Virtual Cinematography:- Virtual cinematography includes a spread of subjects (such as real objects), multi-camera setups, etc. to make 3D-objects.
  • Digital Compositing:- Digital compositing involves combining multiple images to make a final image, screen display, or movie. This process is administered using digital image manipulation.
  • Matte Painting:– matte painting may be a process of dying to represent a landscape or distant location. This creates the illusion of an environment that can’t be seen within the actual filming location.
  • Motion control Photography:– Motion control photography Motion photography features a VFX technology that permits control and optional repetition of camera movements. It involves filming different elements using an equivalent camera motion and, finally, combining these components into one image.
  • Stop-motion animation:- Stop motion animation may be a effect where objects are still seen moving on their own. this system may include an object, model, human, home appliance , etc.
  • Prosthetic Makeup:– Prosthetic makeup is that the VFX technique where a cosmetic effect is applied to the characters.
  • Chroma key:- Chroma key’s also referred to as a blue or green screen effect, where two different videos are combined. It is a replacement technology and may be seen as a traveling mat and therefore the Shafton process in most films.

Top 10 visual effects (VFX) companies in the world

  • Act3animation:- The company is based in Melbourne, Australia, which was founded in 1992 by Mike Hollands. 
  • Animal logic:-The company  was founded in 1991. based at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia and Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, California, USA. 
  • Atmosphere Visual Effects-: It was founded in Vancouver in 2003 by Andrew Curr, and Jeremy Hoe, former employees of Vancouver-based visual effects company GVFX.
  • Blur Studio:- Blur Studio is an American company that does design, visual effects and animation. The company is located in Culver City, California.
  • Boss Film Studio:- Boss Film Studios is a major American visual effects company founded by visual effects veteran Richard Edlund,
  • Buff Compagnie:- BUF Compagnie is a French vfx company, specializing in CGI for feature films, commercials, and music videos.
  • Centuro Digital Picturs Limited:- Centro Digital Pictures Limited is a visual special effects and animation company based in Hong Kong.
  • Cinesite:- Cinesite VFX Ltd is a digital visual effects and post-production facility in London and one of the largest such companies in Europe.
  • Def2shoot:- Def2 Shoot is a motion picture and advertising visual effects company, founded in 2002 and based in Paris, France.
  • Cafe-Fx:- Founded in 1993 by Jeff Barnes and David Eibner, CafeFX was located in Santa Maria, the center of Santa Barbara County.


Q. Is VFX a good career?

Ans. Yes, because the use and demand of multimedia artists and VFX artists is increasing day by day. The projected developments are going to demand animation and visual effects in video games, films and TV.

Q. Is VFX easy to learn?

Ans. If we talk about learning VFX techniques, then let me tell you it is not that easy, it takes many years of hard work. If you want to learn VFX, then there are many big institutes which teach you VFX. Apart from this, you can also learn VFX through online coaching, but it can be a long process.

Q. Is VFX an 3D animation?

Ans. VFX and 3D animation are two different techniques, and they are used for different purposes in different places.

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