Avril Lavigne Holds Hands and Kisses Rapper Tyga Amidst Engagement Breakup. 

Avril Lavigne recently ended her engagement with Madsen, but she appears to have moved on quickly.

The rock star was spotted hand in hand with rapper Tyga at Mugler and Hunter Schaefer's party during Paris Fashion Week.

The two were seen sharing a kiss inside the party, and Avril was photographed grabbing onto Tyga's face.

Avril wore a black oversized hoodie and knee-high black leather boots, while Tyga sported a black shirt underneath a gray button-down shirt and pants.

Avril's trip to Paris came shortly after her split with Madsen, whom she got engaged to nearly 11 months earlier in the same city.

Despite the breakup, Avril remains positive and focused on the future.

Avril's music continues to thrive, and she was recently nominated for a Grammy for her collaborative album Love Sucks with Madsen.